Can this be?! is the most frequent reaction of our clients when it comes to examples from our experience of nannies tactless treatment of children. Almost all the parents are self-persuaded that everybody loves and admires their tots as they do. It is surprising but a lot of parents forget that they leave their child with a STRANGER.

Below is a list of what we have happened to hear from parents and see during checks-up of some nannies. If it was possible to call them so These are real families, real children, and real nannies. Only their treatment of the child is unreal

We are not trying to frighten you, but we want to tell you what we know. No matter how improbable these situations may seem - this is WHAT HAD HAPPENED. We are working to prevent the same to happen neither to your nor to anyone elses kid.

1. Girl, 7 months old. She was given to drink small doses of alcohol from a dummy so that she would sleep more and not distract the nanny from doing her own work.
2. Boy, 10 months old. He was constantly beaten for simple crying and whimpering. The nanny was extremely rude with him the whole day.
3. Girl, 1 year old. In revenge for her dismissal the troublesome nanny tied up the childs toe with an almost unvisible hair thus blocking the circulation of the blood. The childs toe was nearly amputated on suspicion of gangrene.
4. Twins, 6 months old. The nanny got to like only one of the twins and she did not practically react upon the other.
5. Girl, 3 months old. This is practically a unique case. During one day of observation the following was registered:

  • the childs clothes were not changed within 40 minutes after the winter walk (the nanny was eating);
  • the child was repeatedly harshly thrown on the bed for not taking a pacifier into her mouth;
  • the child was left alone on the swaddling-table (the nanny left for a WC);
  • the communication with the child included obscene words;
  • the nanny was felling in the pockets of the masters suits in the wardrobe;
  • the nanny was masturbating lying near the child on the bed of the masters.
6. Girl, 4 (!) years old. The child was regularly beaten and humiliated, but the girl was so demoralized and scared by the nanny that she was afraid to complain to the parents.
7. Boy, 6 months old. The child was covered with a pillow so that he should not prevent the nanny from talking on the phone. The rest of the time the nanny was absolutely indifferent to the childs weeping.
8. Boy, 5 months old. The nanny did not come for more than 3 hours to the child who periodically cried (she was watching TV).
9. Boy, 2 months old. The nanny cynically ignored the kids weeping during more than 40 minutes. She took the kid out of the perambulator roughly and unprofessionally (she did not support the kids head hitting with it against the boarders of the perambulator). Later the nanny ironed clothes pressing the slipping out child to her leg within dangerous distance from the iron.
10. Boy, 2.5 years old. During the whole day (approximately 10 hours) the nanny said not more than 100 words to the child, for she was more watching TV and reading newspapers than occupying herself with the boy.
11. Girl, 1.4 years old. Practically all the nannies use the childs plates (try the food, eat, drink) and also feed the children with their food from their plates. The given nanny fed the child who had a problem stomach with a candied cheese curd, gave her juice from her carton, allowed the girl to play with pills.
12. Boy, 1.1 years old. An elderly woman almost did not notice the presence of the child. The boy played with a big knife, stumbled and fell with it, ate the cat forage from the cats bowl (later the nanny scolded him just a little for it). During changes of clothes the child was left unattended on the windowsill, the table, the cook-table. After the meal the nanny wiped the mouth and the face with the kids pissed pantaloons that had been earlier taken off and thrown by her on the floor.
13. Boy, 9 months. The child was left on his own almost during the whole day. The nanny repeatedly gave the child to try her food from the fork. Failing to calm the child before sleep the nanny left the kid who was sobbing violently with the words F**k you! for 20 minutes alone in the darkness until he calmed down himself.
14. Boy, 1.3 years old. During 7 hours of the childs wake the nanny kept him in the childs chair during 3 hours 20 minutes bringing him his boots, creams, a brush with a dustpan from the hall as toys. She gave him creams to be smelled. The boy spent the whole day wearing pampers.
Unfortunately this list will be widened