"Guardian Angel of Your Child" is the project that aims to help and assist parents in protecting their children from abuse, violence, carelessness or negligence of the unprofessional home personnel.  


It is obvious that not all babysitters want and know how to CORRECTLY treat the child. Even if we would not consider cases of severe law violation (thefts, thieves informing,..), the negative consequences to the child caused by a rude, careless or untidy nanny may lead to serious deviation in child's psyche or to physical injury. We do not deny the necessity of babysitters neither we underestimate their function, but we are trying to protect children from unprofessional and mean people, pretending to be nannies. We do not declare that all babysitters are vicious, but we help you to protect your child from those of them, who have no right to work with children.

Unfortunately, we already have enough examples, when necessity to employ home personnel (babysitters, governesses,..) became nightmare for the families. You could read about some of them on the "Experience as it is" page.

As far as children are not always able to tell what the nanny is doing and how she does it, parents are forced to guess upon indirect signs and base themselves on intuition when employing a babysitter for their kid. It doesn't always work this way, especially taking into consideration the cultural differences and possible artistic skills of the nanny. Please, contact us and we will help to save your child from a possible big trouble. In our work we analyze and base ourselves on undisputable facts that allows parents to get an impartial picture of what is happening with their children while parents are out of home.

Please consult the page "Our services" to learn about the services we provide.



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